Get Involved

The Concept: “The Summer of Love” was conceived out of the idea that collective consciousness is the most powerful energy form we have to create massive change. Our current world circumstances are out of balance. “The Summer of Love” is stepping up in joining forces, and collectively participating on a day-to-day basis through our positive actions, positive thoughts, words and deeds. We need to come together, and shift the negative to positive energy. This is why we hope you’ll join us for a collective world meditation beginning on the Solstice, June 21st until the last day of summer September 21st.

How to participate: Take a few minutes each day (Or more! Whatever is comfortable and realistic for you) to meditate on world peace, harmony, light and love taking over the entire world and all of mankind. Visualize the shift you want to see in the world. Then, in your daily life, make the changes big or small necessary to be in balance with the earth, and your loved ones.

Things you can do: In addition to your daily meditation, support your local organic farmer, grow your own organic food, recycle, buy biodegradable household & beauty products, support sustainable energy and resources, donate your time to a local charity, etc. Basically, let your dollars dictate the world you want to live in, and let your actions come from a place of love. Remember, life is challenging for everyone, let love be your navigation guide this summer.

We encourage you to spread the message, and have fun with it! Celebrate “The Summer Of Love” to your hearts desire. Be sure to share with us on social media platforms with #threemonthmeditation.

Be the light, be the peace, be the love, and be the change you want to see in the world!