Karma Yoga San Diego was established in 2007, when a committee of inspired women wanted to find a creative and healthy way to give back to their community and inspire others to do the same. Since its inception and for the last seven years, the organization has hosted fundraising events to support a number of causes including, fundraising for local non-profit Shakti Rising, organizing and collecting Christmas donations for San Diego’s Polinsky Children’s Group, and creating The Summer Of Love 2014- a World meditation movement conceived to raise the awareness of humanity with the highest intention of collectively cultivating a vibrant and healthy planet for all of mankind.  The organization continues to expand their reach into their local community, and the world at large, to create transformation and positive change.

Committee members include: Jenny Bouwer, Heather Feemster, Maura Rassman, Aryn Rannazzisi, Juniper Stein, and Rose McPherren.

For more information or to be a part of Karma Yoga San Diego, email: karmayogasd@gmail.com